Firefighter Adopts Dog He Rescued From California Wildfires

Firefighters fought hard this year to keep the massive California wildfires under control. Patrick Cullen, a firefighter from the Draper City Fire Department in Utah, was on the front lines, battling the Mendocino Complex wildfire when a thirsty, tired German Shepherd Dog wandered out of the darkness. It didn’t take long for Cullen and the two-year-old pup to form a very special bond.

At first, Cullen could only see a pair of glowing, yellow eyes looking at him. He thought it might be a mountain lion, which was the last thing he needed while battling a huge wildfire. When the creature approached, however, Cullen could see that it was a dog in trouble. The pup had been out there for a while and suffered from exhaustion and thirst. Cullen and the other firefighters gave the dog a big drink of water, and the pooch slept under the fire truck for the next three hours, getting some much-needed rest. They named him Mendo after the Mendocino Complex wildfire.

The crew took Mendo to a nearby city animal shelter, but Cullen couldn’t get the dog out of his mind. He called the shelter to see if they had found Mendo’s owner, but no one came forward. Shortly after, Cullen found out that he would be able to adopt the pup. Volunteers drove Mendo from Mendocino County halfway to Reno, where Cullen was reunited with the pup. As soon as Mendo saw Cullen, he happily ran in circles. He recognized his rescuer and was thrilled to be taken to his forever home. Hopefully this pup will never have to live through any more terrifying ordeals. Now Mendo has his firefighter dad to keep him safe.

Are you happy to see Mendo go to his forever home with the firefighter that saved him? Let us know in the comments below!

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