Trainer Lies, Hides Body Of Football Player’s Dog In Closet For Two Months

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Jerod Mayo, former linebacker for the New England Patriots football team, spent the last two months searching for his dog, Knox. The five-year-old English bulldog was left with an Off Leash K9 dog trainer, Amelia Ferriera, who reported to police that Knox went missing while they were on a walk in the park. Police searched the area and found Knox’s collar, but no other clues to his whereabouts. What happened over the course of the next two months was strange, shocking, and ultimately tragic.

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After her initial report to police, Ferriera changed her story several times. She claimed that Knox hadn’t gone missing on the walk, but instead went missing from his crate in her apartment. Meanwhile, Mayo and his family searched for their lost dog, asking anyone with information to help. Ferriera kept giving them new, conflicting leads, telling them Knox ran away, then that he was stolen, then that he drowned. Mayo and his family hired lawyers, private investigators, and even scuba teams to help look for the lost pet. Finally, the truth came to light.

The Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA) discovered Knox’s body in Ferreira’s apartment. They found the body in a trash bag, concealed in a closet. Previously, authorities searched Ferriera’s home, including the closet, and found nothing, which makes the discovery of Knox’s body even more odd. Presumably, Ferriera knew where Knox was the whole time and sent Mayo’s family on wild goose chases, giving them false hope that their dog might still be alive. So far, authorities charged Ferriera with one count of obstruction for concealing evidence, though they may charge her with more crimes pending the results of an autopsy.

IT’s disgusting and inhumane that a company full of ‘dog lovers’ would hide a family pet IN A CLOSET FOR TWO MONTHS and compulsively lie and send us on a wild goose hunt and our kids on an emotional rollercoaster.

Mayo’s wife, Chantel, took to social media to condemn Ferriera’s actions, update concerned fans, and thank the people who helped look for Knox. She said, “From the Mayo family, we want to thank all of the people who spent countless hours looking for Knox. To our social media family, thank you for posting every day. We still have work to do…..we need to bring awareness to this problem so it never happens again.” In the spirit of helping the Mayo family bring awareness to their tragedy, we wish to share their story and get the word out. Hopefully those responsible for this crime will face real justice. Please help us spread Knox’s story on social media.

What do you make of this strange story? Also, what sort of sentence should Ferriera face? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: Jerod Mayo and Chantel spoke to the press about their ordeal, what Knox meant to their family, and what they plan to do next. Check out the video below to see what they have to say.

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