Pregnant Foster Dog’s Beautiful Maternity Photo Shoot Is Too Adorable

Life as a single mother can be tough. Ima, the three-year-old hound mix knows that all too well. She was abandoned by her humans in a kennel for five days before a neighbor took her in, but Ima wasn’t ready to settle down. She escaped by jumping a six-foot fence and showed up a month later–pregnant. The neighbor couldn’t care for a litter of new puppies, so Ima was surrendered to a local rescue.

Sarah Freeman, a volunteer for the Greater Charlotte SPCA in North Carolina, took the mom-to-be in as a foster. Freeman has an Instagram page called House of Fosters where she posts memories of all the dogs she cares for.

She wanted to do something special for Ima. Some of Freeman’s human friends had maternity shoots to celebrate their own pregnancies, so she decided that Ima deserved a maternity photo shoot, too.

Ima was sweet and calm and a beautiful model for her maternity photos. Her puppies will be available for adoption fairly soon, and mama Ima will need a forever home, too. Freeman hopes that the photo shoot will encourage people to adopt Ima, her puppies, and other dogs in need of homes.

Freeman says that Ima is an absolute sweetheart who would do well in any home, even ones with other dogs. If you’re interested in adopting Ima or her puppies, visit the Greater Charlotte SPCA’s website and fill out an application. Even if you can’t adopt, spread Ima’s story so she and her pups can find loving forever homes that will never abandon them. This sweet mama dog and her babies deserve to live happy lives with caring families.

Do Ima’s adorable maternity photos put a smile on your face? Do you hope she and her puppies find loving forever homes? Let us know in the comments below!

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