Pregnant Dog’s Maternity Pictures Are Beautiful

Lilica is a gorgeous mother of a litter of five puppies. The four-year-old Pinscher mix has that motherly glow in her maternity photos. Sure, not many mama pups are lucky enough to get professional maternity pictures, but when photographer Ana Paula Grillo was browsing through a few human pregnancy photo shoots, she decided to create a beautiful doggy spoof with her neighbor’s pregnant pooch at her home in Brazil.

Apparently Lilica couldn’t have been happier to pose with her baby–I mean puppy–bump on display. She even had a wonderful doggy smile, the kind of smile that comes from a mother-to-be. In the photos she’s about ready to burst, and in fact, she gave birth only a day after the photos were taken.

Grillo claimed that Lilica was the perfect model, striking amazing poses and being a complete sweetheart for the whole shoot. The photos turned out amazing, and all five of her puppies–one girl and four boys–were adopted by friends and family members of the owner.

Would you get maternity photos of your dog? Do you think Lilica’s photos are better than most human pregnancy pictures? Let us know in the comments below!

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