A Photographer Photoshops His Dog To Look Like A Giant

Lots of kids are familiar with Clifford the Big Red Dog, a book series about a gigantic, lovable pooch with red fur. Perhaps photographer Christopher Cline drew some inspiration from the children’s books when he decided to start Photoshopping pictures of his dog, Juji, to make it look like he’s larger than life.

It’s a combination of photography and Photoshop…and a lot of vision. I see these images in my mind and then create…

Posted by Christopher Cline on Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Labradoodle joins Cline on all kinds of adventures, and there are plenty of hilarious Photoshopped pictures, as well. There’s one of Cline standing on a ladder to give his oversized pooch a haircut, and another where the pair ride a four-wheeler with Juji towering over his owner as he rides in the breeze. You can check out his Facebook and Instagram pages to take a look at the fun pictures.

“Mad dash to the mailbox”… Since we have extremely limited Internet access and also opted to not have cable when we…

Posted by Christopher Cline on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And if you want to have some pictures of your own dog looking like a giant, Cline offers his professional services to customers, too. But you’d better request the pictures quickly. Cline’s funny photos have gone viral, so he’s bound to have plenty of fans who want their dogs to get bigger.

What do you think of Cline’s pictures? Would you like to see your dog as a giant? Let us know in the comments below!

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