Is That A Sheep Or A Dog? Poodle’s New Haircut Goes Viral!

A little Poodle named Sesame is giving new meaning to the word “Sheepdog” after a picture of her new haircut went viral on Instagram. Yoriko Hamachiyo, a dog groomer in Japan, is responsible for the new do, and everyone seems to have an opinion on her work with Sesame.

Commenters have noted that Sesame looks a lot more like a little sheep than a dog now, but others have compared the pup to a seal or a perfect sphere. Indeed, it does look like one tumble would send the pup rolling off into the distance, though Sesame looks more than capable of staying upright.

Hamachiyo’s runs a grooming salon called Yorikokoro, and she’s not revealing the technique she used to achieve the unusual look, though I expect it has something to do with scissors. The groomer regularly posts pictures of satisfied clients to Instagram, though none of the customers stand out quite so much as Sesame.

While most of the feedback about the “sheep look” seems to be positive, others have called the haircut everything from silly to abuse. While I might not go so far as to call it abuse, I agree that the haircut seems impractical and is probably mostly for the benefit of humans who see Sesame.

There are plenty of ways to cut dogs’ fur for their benefit. In fact, Poodles like Sesame often get a stereotypical haircut with poofy balls of fur around their joints, chests, and faces, while other parts of their bodies are completely shaved. This haircut was originally meant to help Poodles who swim often, as it kept their vital areas and joints warm without having extra fur to weigh them down in the water. It’s doubtful that Sesame’s hairdo would have the same effect, though it is quite eye-catching.

What do you think? Do you like Sesame’s haircut, or do you think it’s silly and impractical? Let us know in the comments below!

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