10 Times Dogs Woke Up In The Most Hilarious Ways [VIDEOS]

Cute sleepy muzzle puppy of jack russell terrier dog wrapped in blanket

(Picture Credit: Kira-Yan/Getty Images)

We can’t all be morning people, and our dogs can’t all be morning pups either.

Waking up can be tough, especially if you’re lost in dreamland. Coming back to the real world is often surprising, shocking, and sometimes even upsetting.

That’s why we like to let sleeping dogs lie most of the time, but when we catch our dogs waking up on camera, the results can be pretty funny.

Here ten of the most hilarious videos that caught dogs waking up in the funniest ways.

1. Snore Face

Alexis Waclawski was just trying to get a cute video of her dog, Moose, snoring away with a goofy sleep-smile on his face. Moose’s snores are pretty loud. They’re so loud that even Moose can’t sleep.

When he jolts awake, he makes the best expression, and it’s one that I think we’ve all made when we’ve woken up confused and surprised.

Thanks for the laughs, Moose!

2. Zombie Sleep

We can’t really tell what we look like when we sleep, but most of us are not Sleeping Beauty. This German Shepherd looks more like a zombie than a cute pup.

The wake up is equally funny, as the sleepy pooch raises an eyebrow and seems to fade in and out of going cross-eyed. After a few seconds, the pup looks around as if to say, “What’s all the fuss?”

Back to the land of the living!

3. Morning Bully

Buddha the Bulldog doesn’t appreciate being woken up when he’s snuggled up and oh-so-comfy, and most of us can relate. This pup is a morning grump, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

His hilarious grumbles and groans probably translate to, “Keep it down, you noisy humans!”

4. Running Dream Becomes Real

A lot of our dogs run in their sleep, but not too many of them keep running as they wake up.

The dog in this classic viral video is running wild and free in his sleep, and suddenly he jumps to his feet in real life and just keeps going.

Unfortunately, he crashes into the wall. He isn’t hurt, just a bit embarrassed.

It must have been a very exciting dream.

5. Food Or Sleep

Some of us have to decide whether we’re too hungry to sleep–or too sleepy to eat. This pup thinks that choice is very easy to make.

As soon as the food container shakes a little bit, he’s awake and attacking the kibble. He doesn’t even bother with the bowl and instead just dives into the container that’s holding more of the goods.

Hunger wins this round.

6. Morning Kisses

I’m usually in no mood for kisses when I wake up, but that’s the first thing on Tank’s mind when his eyes open.

Tank the Pit Bull is having a lovely sleep in his human mama’s arms when she gives him a little shake. Tank’s eyes go wide in surprise, but his first instinct is to shower his human with morning slobbers.

What a sweet, loving pup!

7. Woke Up Frozen

The puppy in this video has a favorite song, and he’s ready to jam along with it even when he’s sleeping.

When “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen starts playing, the puppy perks up, and before long, he’s joining in. By the time the chorus rolls around, he’s really belting it out.

Then his owners turn off the song, and with a puppy yawn, the little guy goes back to sleep.

8. Snooze Button

Oscar the Vizsla has the same reaction many of us do to the alarm clock. It starts with ignoring the noise, then getting mildly annoyed, then howling until someone hits the snooze button.

And in true non-morning-person fashion, it’s back to bed like nothing happened.

Hopefully Oscar set the second alarm so he’s not late for his walk.

9. Ball Is Life

Not many of us can go from sleep to play in an instant, but that’s exactly what Jordin did when his mama decided to throw his ball while he was sleeping.

As soon as the ball hits its first bounce, the pup is up and ready to play. He chases it straight down the stairs, which is probably faster than any of us have moved after coming out of a nap.

I don’t think I could move faster if my house were on fire.

10. Breakfast Is The Best Wake-Up Call

There’s nothing like waking up to some yummy treats, and the pups in this video know that better than anyone.

Food is a great motivator, and the smell of breakfast can make waking up a little more pleasant.

I only wish my alarm clock would throw some treats in front of my nose to get me up, too!

Does your dog wake up in a funny way? How do you pull your pup away from dreamland? Let us know in the comments below!