9 Times Dogs Made A Scene And Shut Down Everything

Most of us have no problem interrupting our daily routines for our dogs. They can get up to shenanigans that demand our attention. Then again, most of our dogs don’t shut down entire stretches of highway, airports, or sporting events. Some pups go all out when it comes to causing a ruckus, and luckily there are good people in the world who would stop planes, trains, and automobiles to keep them safe, even if it means causing delays for hundreds of people. Here are nine times dogs made a scene and shut down everything.

1. Poodle Runs On The Runway

Japan Airlines (JAL) passenger jets taxi at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo on January 31, 2018. Japan Airlines (JAL) on January 31 reported a rise in net profit in the nine months to December thanks to brisk sales at home and overseas, but maintained its full-year forecast. / AFP PHOTO / Toshifumi KITAMURA (Photo credit should read TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP/Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP/Getty Images)

Dogs often have to ride in the cargo section of planes, and while it goes smoothly most of the time, some pups just have no chill when it comes to cages, loud noises, and unfamiliar faces. That was how one Poodle felt at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport as handlers were loading the pup onto the plane. The dog somehow got out of the crate and took off like a plane down the runway, occasionally stopping to sniff patches of grass while evading capture. One of the runways was shut down for six minutes, delaying 14 flights in the process. Finally, the dog’s owner came out about 40 minutes later to assist in the capture. The story ended happily for the pooch who got a nice bit of exercise, though some of the passengers were probably a little annoyed by the delay.

2. German Shepherd Dog Just Wants Granola Bar

Lexi the German Shepherd Dog must have thought she was a car because she seemed quite eager to join traffic on Interstate 495 in Massachusetts. The pup was walking and weaving between three lanes of highway when state troopers started trying to lead her to an off ramp. Lexi wasn’t having it, though, and dodged back onto the road. That’s when the troopers took drastic measures and called the Methuen Police and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to shut down the whole highway. The cars may have been off the road, but Lexi was still on the loose until Trooper Higgins had the bright idea of making a peace offering. Higgins presented the GSD with a yummy granola bar, and the pup immediately jumped into the driver’s seat of the cruiser. Lexi had a safe trip to Animal Control where she was reunited with her family. Another disaster averted thanks to the power of granola.

3. Dakota Stops The Subway

Riding the subway can be scary, and Dakota the Poodle decided she’d rather run to the next stop than catch the train. The poor pup was at a dog park with her owner when something spooked her, and she took off. She managed to run to a subway station four blocks away, and rather than waiting for the next train, she got on the tracks and legged it. People who saw the dog running called transit workers and police who cut power to the track while Dakota kept on going. She made it to the next stop, and more trains had to be halted and rerouted. Delays piled up as the pup ran to another stop before someone finally managed to grab her. All in all, Dakota had run for over a mile before being caught and reunited with her owner. Commuters may have been peeved at the disruption, but the pup was saved, and that’s what really matters.

4. Ponch Blocks The Bay Bridge

Who knows why Ponch the Chihuahua wanted to get out of Oakland, California and make for the big city of San Francisco, but the little pup caused big delays when he sped off along the Bay Bridge, leading police on a not-too-high-speed chase. Officers shut down traffic on the bridge and even set up road blocks to capture the elusive pup, but he expertly dodged them like a convict on the lam. Finally, the police managed to box the Chihuahua in and took him into custody. The dog was brought to a local shelter while police looked for his owner, and officers took to calling him Ponch after the character from the television show CHiPs. Like the show, he had a good run.

5. Stray Pup Joins The Soccer Team

Most pups go nuts for a good ball, and a stray dog in Argentina was no exception during a televised soccer match. The feisty little pooch stormed the field and decided to join the team, chasing down the ball and eluding players on the field. The dog dodged capture for a bit, bringing the match to a temporary stop while she had her fun, but it didn’t seem to bother the players or the fans who enjoyed her playful antics. Even when she was finally caught, she still showed her spunky side when she tried to steal a microphone during a post-match interview. The home team ended up winning and thanked the pup for being a good luck charm by adopting her and giving her the important job of scaring off pigeons from the pitch.

6. Monty Makes For The Trees

Monty the Chinese-Crested Hairless Dog was on his way to his new home after flying across the country from California to Pensacola, Florida. Once the pilot landed the plane, he decided to let Monty out for a stretch and a drink of water. That’s when the pup made one last freedom run, taking off down the runway and darting into the nearby woods. He managed to dodge authorities and hid among the trees for days before a search team of 12 people managed to flush the lost pup out of the woods, but Monty ran back onto the runway. Three runways were shut down for three hours until Monty was caught in a ditch. The pup finally made it to his adopter, and hopefully his days of dodging planes are over.

7. Terriers Terrorize The Highway

Two terriers had a field day when they made a dash onto I-17 in North Phoenix and got plenty of exercise while shutting down traffic. One of the pups was caught fairly easily by a trooper after getting tuckered out, and she even lied down next to an animal control officer after her run, but her companion was not so easy to capture. The dog evaded police and fire fighters before ducking off the freeway and into an RV park. Several residents joined in on the effort and tried to catch the speedy pup. Finally, two women managed to grab the terrier terror, and both pooches were brought safely to the shelter. Drivers probably weren’t thrilled about the hour-long delay, but at least the dogs were out of danger.

8. Dogs Become Art Critics

When it comes to art, everybody’s a critic–even dogs. Two security dogs at the Art Miami festival alerted police officers to a potential threat when they sniffed a crate of artwork. The crate contained an unusual painting of Hillary Clinton dressed as a punk, complete with a pink haircut. The whole site had to be shut down and cleared out while officers investigated the threat. The street was blocked off with caution tape, and joggers and walkers had to go around the block to avoid the area. Police ran the painting through an X-ray machine and found nothing. So why did the dogs react to the art and shut down the event for several hours? Who knows? Maybe they weren’t fans.

9. Byrdie Won’t Let You Fly

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 25: A man attempts to retrieve a dog after it escaped from its cage during transportation on an airline at LaGuardia Airport on April 25, 2012 in New York City. The dog was caught after approximately ten minutes but not before halting plane traffic at the busy metro airport while the chase was underway. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Byrdie the 14-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback is another pup who just wouldn’t sit tight while getting loaded onto her Delta flight, even though she had already flown safely four times before. She broke free of her kennel and zoomed down the tarmac, leading airport workers on a lengthy chase while halting flights in her path. The workers managed to surround the pup, but they couldn’t get a hold of her. Finally, they asked the dog’s owner to get off the plane and help chase Byrdie down. Byrdie’s owner was surprised by how far the Ridgeback had run, but it didn’t take long for the dog to recognize her human, and she calmly walked right up to her. Byrdie was put back in the crate, and it was sealed with 20 zip ties before being secured on the flight. Planes were delayed for 20 minutes for the whole ordeal, but Byrdie wasn’t bothered by the trouble at all.

Has your dog ever caused you to shut everything down? Do you have any funny stories of your own? Let us know in the comments below!