Dog Owner Charged With Unnecessary Cruelty For Waiting To Euthanize His Dog


(Picture Credit: NBC 4 Los Angeles)

If your dog was in pain and suffering, would you put them down to end it? That’s the tough choice a Rhode Island man faced for his 18-year-old Pit Bull mix, named X. Carlos Catano loved his dog and just couldn’t accept that the time had come to let go and end the pup’s misery. By the time he finally decided to end X’s pain, the dog was in very bad shape.

X couldn’t walk any more. He was emaciated and covered in bed sores, and he was semi-comatose. When Catano brought him to Ocean State Veterinary Services to be put down, it was clear that the suffering had gone on for too long. The vet contacted the SPCA who charged Catano with unnecessary cruelty for waiting so long to get the dog euthanized.

Unnecessary cruelty is a felony that can result in a fine and possible jail time. Dr. E.J. Finocchio of the Rhode Island SPCA said it wasn’t easy to bring the charge against the pet owner who was blinded by his love and inability to let go, but he had to in order to bring up the conversation about allowing dogs to suffer rather than humanely putting them down.

What do you think? Was the owner being cruel by not ending his dog’s life? Do you think he should be charged with a crime for it? Let us know in the comments below!

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