94 Pieces Of Plastic Removed From Stomach Of Starving, Neglected Dog


(Picture Credit: Facebook – Muttley Crue)

When Joey the dog was found by police tied to a pole, he was clearly suffering from neglect. The poor senior pup was underweight after being starved for so long, but there was an even bigger problem. Joey had a huge blockage in his stomach. The veterinary surgeon thought it could have been an abdominal mass or a foreign body that the dog ate when he was trying to eat anything that would fill his hunger.

Joey was taken in by Muttley Crue, a rescue group, and went into surgery at the Greystone Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Lindsay Kostal said, “As soon as we opened him up, his stomach was just full and hard. It felt like a big plastic ball.” That’s because the dog’s stomach was filled with 94 pieces of plastic. Joey is recovering from his surgery, but he has a lot to overcome. He’s a senior dog and has aspirate pneumonia, so there’s a long road ahead. You can donate to Muttley Crue to help with some of his costs.

It’s unclear if Joey had eaten the plastic to fill his extreme hunger or if whoever owned and neglected him previously had just looked the other way as the dog ate harmful objects. Now he’s on the way to a better life with a rescue group that cares about him. Hopefully, he’ll be able to stick to real dog food for the rest of his life.

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