Man Gives Away Army Private’s Dog And Refuses To Tell Where He Is


(Picture Credit: Fox 8 Cleveland)

When Private Katelyn Gallagher went into an Army training program, she left her 120-pound Bloodhound named Buck with a family friend named Angelo Sullo who told her he would care for the dog. While she was away, Sullo sent correspondence telling Gallagher that Buck was doing fine. But when she returned home, Sullo told her that he wasn’t able to care for the dog and gave him away.


(Picture Credit: Fox 8 Cleveland)

Sullo is refusing to tell her who has the dog. He faces a petty theft charge and appeared in court where he pleaded not guilty. Sullo was released on personal bond. When a reporter confronted him outside the courtroom, he responded with the word “lawyer” to every question. Sullo’s lawyer could not be reached for questioning.

Gallagher is spreading flyers and believes that the people who have the dog are probably unaware that it was not Sullo’s dog to give. She hopes to find Buck and be reunited soon. Sullo, meanwhile, claims that this is a misunderstanding, though it seems pretty clear that he’s hiding information. It’s unfortunate that he only faces a petty theft charge, as any dog lover can say that dogs are our family members, and he ripped a family apart with his actions. Hopefully Buck will be returned to Gallagher soon.

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