Stolen Dog Reunited With Owner After Appearing In Adoption Ad

Jack the Havanese

(Picture Credit: NBC Los Angeles)

The strange story of how Lou Gotowski was reunited with Jack, his Havanese dog, is a real head scratcher. The trouble started when Jack ran out of Gotowski’s motorcycle shop. Security footage showed that a woman picked Jack up and walked into another business nearby. After that, they were nowhere to be found.

The adoption ad for Jack.

(Picture Credit: NBC Los Angeles)

Gotowski launched a full search with big signs in the neighborhood looking for his dog. Jack is a purebred, pedigree dog, which makes him valuable to dog thieves. Still, the pup had two microchips in place, which makes what happened next even weirder. The next time Gotowski saw his dog was on an adoption website, and he was 40 miles away from home. Jack was listed under the name “Scotty” and the moment Gotowski tried to claim him, the ad disappeared.

Jack and his owner are reunited.

(Picture Credit: NBC Los Angeles)

Eventually Gotowski contacted two women from a nonprofit rescue, and they agreed to bring Jack to him if he paid $525, which is what they claim to have paid to have the dog neutered. He agreed, and the dog was returned. The women would not say how Jack came to them, and Gotowski never found out how the vet who examined him somehow missed two microchips that would have resolved the situation within moments instead of weeks. There are so many questions left unanswered. But for now, Jack is happy to be home with his rightful owner.

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