Canadian Man Punches Cougar In The Head To Save His Dogs From Attack


(Picture Credit: CTV News)

A man in Alberta, Canada went above and beyond to protect his dogs. William Gibb stopped at a coffee place to grab something to drink with his brother and a friend. He had his dogs in the car and let them out at the back of a parking lot near a wooded area for a bathroom break. That’s when Gibb heard a yelp from his dog.


(Picture Credit: CTV News)

He ran to Sasha, one of his dogs, and found her pinned beneath a large animal. He couldn’t tell what it was, thinking it might be a coyote, but he charged forward and punched the animal in the head. It was then that he realized it was a cougar. The big cat backed off for a moment, and Gibb kept swinging. He noticed his dog lying on the ground in pain and tried to grab her, but she was still frightened and, thinking Gibb was the cougar, bit him.


(Picture Credit: CTV News)

With his left arm he tried to hold onto Sasha while fighting the cat off with his right. Sasha let go of Gibb and ran off. The cougar then looked toward Gibb’s other dog, Mungo, but Gibb stood between them. He called for his brother to help and managed to get Mungo back into the truck, then grabbed a stick to go fight the cougar. Gibb’s brother and friend managed to get Sasha under control, and the cougar was gone.

Gibb managed to get away completely unharmed by the cat and only had a minor bite wound from Sasha. Sasha was rushed to the vet with some deep puncture wounds and cuts, but was otherwise in good shape. Gibb called animal control who arrived on the scene. The cougar had to be put down because it was an immediate threat to people and property in the area.

Would you punch a cougar to save your dog? Has your pup ever been attacked by a wild animal? Let us know in the comments below!

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