Dog Protects Injured Companion Stuck On Railroad Tracks For Two Days

An injured dog in Ukraine fell on some snowy train tracks and was unable to get herself off to safety. Luckily, the dog, named Lucy, had a companion who wouldn’t leave her side. For two days a male dog, Panda, stayed with Lucy, huddling with her in the cold, sub-zero temperatures and ducking down with her as the trains zoomed past their heads. Amazingly, they weren’t injured any further by the trains.


(Picture Credit: Facebook – China’s Rescues and Shelters)

Denis Malafeyev, a man who has experience rescuing local animals, found the pair stuck on the tracks. With other rescuers, they tried to approach the dogs, but Panda was overly protective and barked, showing signs of aggression. As the train approached, rescuers hearts sank. They knew they wouldn’t be able to get to Lucy in time, and they would risk getting hit by the train if they tried to save the dogs. But miraculously, both pups lied down on the tracks, put their heads to the ground, and let the train pass harmlessly over them.


(Picture Credit: Facebook – China’s Rescues and Shelters)

After a bit of work and coaxing, the rescuers managed to get Panda’s trust and took Lucy off the tracks. Both dogs were brought to the vet and snuggled up to each other the whole way there. Lucy had a few bruises, but was otherwise in good health. The pups’ family was located, and they were returned home. Hopefully their days of wandering are over, but it’s thanks to Panda sharing his body warmth and standing guard that both dogs are safe and sound.

What would you do if you came across dogs stuck on the train tracks that wouldn’t let you approach? Let us know in the comments below!

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