Stranger Helps Homeless Man Get His Dog Out Of The Pound

A dog lover’s worst nightmare is to have our pups taken away from us. For one homeless man, that nightmare came true. The man, named Patrick, was arrested for trespassing and had to spend two nights in jail. His dog, Franklin, was taken by a local animal shelter that said he was a stray. When Patrick was released, he found out that getting his dog back would be next to impossible.

The shelter was charging $120 for Patrick to get Franklin back–$10 for each night Franklin spent at the shelter plus the cost of updated vaccinations. There was no way Patrick could afford that, but he refused to leave town until he got his dog back. He took to standing outside of a Walmart with a sign that said “Dog in pound. Need help.” A stranger named Wilma Price was moved by the short message and wanted to help.

Price listened to Patrick’s story and called a friend to help get the funds to get Franklin back. She gave Patrick a ride to the shelter and made sure he had supplies for the pup. He had a water bowl with a package of dog food and toys, and Patrick made it clear that his dog ate before he did, no matter what. A couple hours later, Franklin and Patrick were tearfully reunited. Price even set up a GoFundMe to support the pair. They may not have much in life, but they have each other.

Would you help someone in Patrick’s situation? Are you happy to see these two reunited? Let us know in the comments below!

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