Prank Show Changes The Lives Of Homeless & Their Pets

The show Prank it FWD usually plays pranks on people who do good things. It’s a fun way to highlight the good works that people do, and have a little fun at the same time. The host named Tom contacted the non profit My Dog Eats First in Louisville and told them he was doing a documentary on homeless people and their pets. They showed up to film but when they saw the work that this charity does, providing food and medical attention to homeless people and their pets, and met the homeless people who had such deep love and affection for their dogs, the crew had a change of plans.

Pranks change lives. (Photo Credit:

A year supply of dog food from Halo and enough leashes for everyone’s dogs. But that’s not all, now Ricky and Buddy can spend their last days together in their own home.

If you share the video you share the joy. For every 1000 views of it’s pranks, donates $1 to Pranks change lives.

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