Former Mob-Busting FBI Agent Turns To Fighting Animal Abuse

Joaquin “Jack” Garcia was once known by the mob as Big Jack Falcone. That’s back when he was working undercover for the FBI infiltrating the notorious Gambino crime family. You may have even read his book, Making Jack Falcone, where he talks about his time as an undercover agent. He may have left the mob behind, but he’s still making a difference by tracking down another type of criminal–animal abusers.

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Garcia works with Guardians of Rescue, a non-profit group that helps animals get the vet care they need, prepares dogs for adoption, helps veterans adopt comfort pets, and does a lot of other work to aid animals in need. The former FBI agent heads their initiative to investigate crimes against animals and provide information to the police.

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Though they aren’t able to make arrests, the group can investigate and report animal abuse to authorities. Garcia claims that even though he was deep in the mafia’s inner circle, the violence he’s seen against animals is some of the worst he’s experienced. He’s glad that he has the opportunity to help those who can’t fight back. Hopefully he can bring an end to the horrific crimes against animals that we see every day, especially dog fighting rings and puppy mills.

Are you glad to see Garcia on the job? Would you risk your life to track down animal abusers? Let us know in the comments below!

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