Pit Bull Saves Owner From Falling Into Diabetic Coma

Kayla lives with diabetes. It’s a dangerous condition that can cause blood sugar to plummet, leading to a coma or even death if it goes untreated. Luckily, Kayla also lives with Bandit, her medical alert dog. And it’s thanks to the Pit Bull that Kayla is still alive today.

The trouble started when Bandit woke Kayla at four in the morning. She didn’t know how long her canine companion had been trying to wake her, but she couldn’t get up. She was covered in sweat and weak. So she told Bandit to get her blood sugar meter. The Pit Bull came back with the meter, which showed that Kayla’s blood pressure was dangerously low. 

Kayla then told Bandit to get her some juice since she was unable to get up. So Bandit brought her juice and stayed with her until she was able to get up on her own to get some food and stabilize her blood sugar. Kayla believes that if Bandit hadn’t woken her up, she may have never woken up again. Thankfully, this medical alert Pit Bull was on the job.

Are you happy to see Bandit being so good at his job as a medical alert dog? What would you do if your dog woke you up and you couldn’t move? Let us know in the comments below!

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