Celebrity Rescue Dog: 10 Things About Floyd With Beth Dover And Joe Lo Truglio

Do celebrity rescue dogs get special treatment, or are they just like the rest of our dogs? If you’re Floyd and your parents are actors Beth Dover and Joe Lo Truglio, it’s a bit of both. DogTime interviewed Beth about what makes Floyd tick. Is this pampered pooch a fan of the arts? Is he jealous of the new baby in the family? Is he a rule-breaking rebel? Read on to find out!


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DogTime: How did Floyd come to be a member of your family?

Beth Dover: We found Floyd from an independent dog rescuer who had him in a pen with about eight chihuahuas at a farmers market in Larchmont Village in Los Angeles. He was miserable in there, but the cutest puppy we’d ever seen and Joe and I fell in love instantly. Well, I fell in love, Joe needed a week to foster him and then he fell in love. His original name was Waldo, then we named him Oates for about 12 hours before we settled on Floyd. He’s a total Floyd.


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DogTime: Is Floyd a fan of your shows? What shows or movies does he like to watch the most?

Beth Dover: I’ve decided that Floyd is not a fan of the arts. He barks at us if we run any scenes in front of him. He may be a Republican, too, but we forgive him for that. As long as he doesn’t vote for Trump. I think his favorite thing to watch is the bouncing DirecTV ball when the TV goes on screensaver mode.


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DogTime: If Floyd were any other kind of animal, what would he be?

Beth Dover: He thinks he’s a human, so I would say a human. But he’d be some type of royalty as well. He’s very demanding and likes the finer things in life. It’s embarrassing, but I think I spend more money on his food than my own. He eats an expensive raw food diet.


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DogTime: What is Floyd’s favorite place to go outside of the house?

Beth Dover: He drags us to Brand Park in Glendale every day to go find squirrels. He’s squirrel obsessed. If we try to go a different route away from the park, he is not having it. I get my exercise with Floyd.


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DogTime: Does Floyd get any special treats or food that would make other dogs jealous?

Beth Dover: Oh man, what treats doesn’t he get? He enjoys cod sticks, dehydrated chicken treats by Whole Life, turkey and sweet potato treats by EOS, and Whimsees dental chews shaped like toothbrushes. Joe also brushes his teeth with a peanut butter flavored toothpaste and he loves it. I’ve never seen a dog love getting his teeth brushed like Floyd.


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DogTime: What is Floyd’s favorite place to sleep, nap, or relax after a tough day of being a dog?

Beth Dover: Floyd usually likes to be wherever we are so he can make himself comfy anywhere. However, he puts himself to sleep on our bed every night. Sometimes even before we go to bed he’s up there sleeping. He also enjoys basking in the sun next to our pool when it’s hot out. He’s not a water dog. But he likes to lay out.


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DogTime: Is Floyd adjusting well to the new baby? Is he a good older sibling, or is he a little jealous that he has to share the attention? (Congratulations on the new baby, by the way!)

Beth Dover: Thanks!  He’s a cutie!  I was a little worried before Eli was born that Floyd would get doggie depression or something but that hasn’t been the case at all.  I’ve made sure to prioritize him by walking and feeding him at the same times as before the baby.  He gets walked 4 times a day and he sleeps in our bed so I think he still knows we love him to pieces.  Eli is just a part of the pack.  At first Floyd didn’t like the crying but now he just goes to another room and enjoys the quiet (the jerk).  We just moved to a house so Floyd now has a yard.  He’s psyched about all this change. We’re surrounded by squirrels.  It’s paradise for him.  


Old friends #floydandcowboy

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DogTime: Who is Floyd’s best human or animal friend?

Beth Dover: He loves my cousins husband, John-Scott. He loves men in general, but John Scott really gives him that alpha vibe Floyd loves. His best doggie friend is a rescue named Cowboy. Cowboy is a Terrier-Poodle mix that looks a lot like Floyd. Honestly, Cowboy was my first love and Floyd looked so much like him that I had to adopt him. I may have to clone them both at some point just to get through life.


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DogTime: Does Floyd make a good guard dog?

Beth Dover: No. He’s a lover not a fighter. Unless you’re on a motorcycle, then watch out. He hates motorcycles with a white hot passion.


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DogTime: What is Floyd’s favorite rule to break?

Beth Dover: Floyd is a really well behaved dog and he rarely breaks any rules. However, if he gets unexpectedly caught breaking a rule, he is so delighted. I remember once I left the house and had to come back thirty seconds later because I forgot something and he was eating my papaya scented chapstick on our bed. When I came in he looked shocked that I had caught him, and then he ran around the house like 5 times with a glee I can only describe as “maniacal.”

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