Boy Caught Sneaking Into Garage To Steal Hugs From Neighbor Dog

Usually when you see an intruder sneaking into a garage on a security camera, nothing good is about to happen. But this time, things were different. Hollie Mallet from Louisiana caught a neighbor boy on video dropping his bike in the driveway and running into her garage, but he wasn’t there to cause trouble.

Instead, the neighbor boy ran right up to Mallet’s dog, Dutchess, and gave her a big hug before running off and hopping on his bike as if he’d done something wrong. This wasn’t the first time Mallet spotted the boy stopping by for a hug or a quick, secret game of fetch. So she posted the video to Facebook, asking if any of her neighbors recognized the young intruder.

Dutchess licks Josh's face

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Ginger Clement Breaux)

Another resident, Ginger Breaux, recognized her son, Josh, right away. She was a little upset, but she knew that deep down her son’s love of animals, and dogs in particular, couldn’t be held back. She contacted Mallet, and since then they’ve set up play dates between Josh and Dutchess so he doesn’t have to run off so quickly. The two are very happy to be able to have more time to spend together.

What would you do if you caught this on video? Would you set up play dates for your pup and a caring neighbor kid? Let us know in the comments below!

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