Four Boys Rescue A Dog Who Was Abandoned And Tied To A Vacant House


It takes a compassionate heart to rescue a dog in need. Four young boys aged seven to thirteen showed their compassion when they saw an abandoned dog tied by bungee cords to a vacant house without food. They knew they had to help the poor pup, so they brought her some pieces of bologna to eat so she would know that they wanted to be friends. 

The dog was happy to get some food and took to the boys right away. One of them wrapped her in a jacket and they took her home with them. They named her Sparkle. She was a little underweight and missing some fur on her hind quarters, but she was happy to have new friends. That’s when workers from the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue drove by and saw the boys. 

Our sweet baby Sparkles, just rescued, tested negative for mange! Yeah!

Posted by Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue on Friday, March 25, 2016

When they heard the boys’ story, they knew they had to help. They offered to take Sparkle for proper vet care and said they would find a home for her to be adopted. The boys were sad to see their new friend go, but they knew that it would be a better life for Sparkle if she could get the care she needed. So they agreed to let the rescue take Sparkle to get help. Sparkle is looking much better, and it’s all because a few kids wouldn’t abandon her.

Would you help a dog in need? Are you glad these boys had such caring hearts? Let us know in the comments below!

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