Lowes Makes Adorable Vest And Name Tag For Employee’s Support Dog

A man in Canada was having trouble finding a job. His support dog, Blue, accompanies him at all times because of his special needs, and most employers weren’t ready to take on a pooch employee in addition to his human. But one Lowes home improvement store in Regina, Saskatchewan was willing to hire the man and his dog, and they took it a step further.

The store created an employee vest and name tag for their new canine worker, and now Blue is waiting with his owner to greet you at the store. Take a look at the adorable doggy uniform! I’d be happy to visit stores that had cute dogs working alongside humans. 

Some Reddit users have questioned Blue’s ability to assist customers with their needs. One user said, “Betcha he doesn’t know jack s**t about plumbing either.” Another user replied, “Nonsense. I’m sure he knows that the American standard wall mounted toilets with wide bowls are MUCH easier to drink out of, as opposed to the non-mounted elongated ones.” Maybe Blue will have some of the answers, after all!

Are you happy to see Blue’s adorable employee uniform? Would you like to see more stores hiring people in need of service and support dogs? Let us know in the comments below!

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