Sick Dog Rescued Outside Of Athens Greece Finally Receives Love [VIDEO]

SPAZ, a Greek Rescue Organization heard about a sick dog who was abandoned near Athens, Greece and in need of help. When volunteers arrived the dog was very fearful of humans and would not let anyone come near.

The rescuers put a sedative in some food and had to wait for it to kick in. After an hour of following him around, they were finally able to get him in their car so he could get medical attention. His hair was falling out, an ear was cut off, and he had fleas, ticks and sores all over his body.

In spite of his terrible condition, he only suffered from Ehrlichiosis, a disease transmitted by ticks. He has made a quick recovery and learning to trust humans again.

For adoption information contact SPAZ.

Here’s the rescue video showing how they were able to rescue him and nurse him back to health.

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