Missing Hiker And His Dog Found And Brought Home Safely By Rescue Crews

The last time Cody Michael’s family heard from him before he went missing in the Sierra Mountains was when he sent a text that he was going to do some fishing. But when the hiker and his German Shepherd Dog, Bauer, didn’t return home, his worried family called the police. A search and rescue team from the Army National Guard set out to find the missing hiker and his pup, who only had a day’s worth of supplies.

It wasn’t until three days later that the pair were found. Cody and Bauer had been walking in circles all that time. But finally, it was Bauer that had enough. He decided that play time was over, so he sat down and refused to keep walking. Maybe Bauer remembered one of the first rules you learn in the scouts–if you’re lost, stay put and let help find you. Or maybe he was just tired. At any rate, Cody and Bauer stopped walking, and Cody, who until that point had been wary of starting a forest fire, decided to light a small campfire on a rock.

A Black Hawk helicopter from the rescue team saw the smoke and approached. When Cody heard it coming, he took his rain guard, tied it to a string, and waved it around. The rescue team saw him and picked him and Bauer up. Cody was brought to the hospital for treatment, and Bauer went to the vet, but both are recovering and doing fine. Thanks to Bauer’s stubbornness and the amazing work of the search and rescue crews, the pair were saved.

What would you do if you were lost with your dog? Would you try to search for help or stay put? Let us know in the comments below!

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