Bait Dog Used For Breeding And Then Dumped Is Transformed

Penny was found alone on a mattress surrounded by trash. Just over a year later and she is not even recognizable as the same dog. (See below)

Penny is believed to have been a family pet. She was living on the street but housebroken and showed signs of having lived indoors and loved. Her scars are the only thing she has to tell her story.

She was used for breeding and carried multiple litters. Sadly her submissive, gentle character made her an ideal bait dog. Her teeth were filed down to the gums so she could not defend herself, as she was attacked repeatedly by other dogs. She had bacterial infections that lead to her severe skin condition.

People noticed her on the street and started bringing her food and water. Her health deteriorated for several years. Then one day a Good Samaritan made a call and got her the help she needed.

Look at these amazing transformation images!

Shared by: Let’s Adopt Global

Watch Penny’s amazing video! You won’t believe it till you see it. She’s so happy romping on the beach!

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