Adoption is only way out for shelter dogs

If you work or volunteer in a shelter, you know: reasons to celebrate ebb and flow. In recent months, it’s been hard to stay positive–celebrations are few. While adoptions are steady, the animals keep coming and coming and coming.

The economy , taking longer than hoped to recover, is partly to blame. Families who can’t make ends meet are forced to surrender their pets. But humans are also to blame. A dog is not an accessory, a convenience, or a toy. Medical care for your pet is not optional. And spay/neuter is imperative to saving the next generation from suffering.

For those who insist they can only find the right dog with a breeder, please take a look at the faces below: Puppies and purebreds . Most healthy , a few injured. All: gorgeous, affable, innocent.

3-month old puppy, a “stray”

Adopt. Please.

Doberman, possibly purebred

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Inexcusable: left skinny, face swollen, leg injured (yet notice wagging tail)

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