Professional Pet Sitters Week: 7 Ways To Say Thanks To Your Amazing Dog Sitter

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March 1st, 2020 kicks off Professional Pet Sitters Week! It’s a perfect time to say thanks to the wonderful people who care for your pooches while you’re away.

As a professional dog sitter, I met and fell in love with plenty of the dogs I cared for. The job can get tough, especially when pups get sick, or when they’re nervous about meeting a new person, or when they just need to burn off some energy. But it’s very rewarding to be able to make new furry friends, and it’s always nice to know your work is appreciated.

Here are some great ways you can say thank you to your dog sitter as they take care of your pooch when you’re not home.

1. Tips Help A Lot

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The most obvious way to thank your dog sitter is with a tip.

It may already be costly to hire a pet sitter. But consider that if you hire through a highly rated company–which I recommend–that company takes a cut of the pay. It can be up to half of your bill.

Leaving a tip for your sitter is a huge help. If you don’t want to tip for a job that hasn’t been done yet, most places will allow you to add a tip when you pay your bill, or you can leave some cash on the counter next time around.

2. Referrals Go A Long Way

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If your dog sitter does a great job, tell your neighbors. It will help your pet sitter by giving them new business, and it will help your buddies find a trustworthy person to care for their pups, too.

Finding a good pet sitter can be a difficult and scary thing, so send your friends and family in the right direction.

3. Give Great Reviews Online

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There’s nothing more helpful for finding new customers than a great review on Yelp or other review sites.

When looking for a new pet sitter, most people do some research online to make sure that a person or company is trustworthy. A few great reviews can influence their decision.

Help keep your pet sitter in business and spend a couple minutes giving a thoughtful comment.

4. Holiday Cards And Photos

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I love getting holiday cards with pictures of all the pups I’ve taken care of.

Sometimes they wear cute costumes, and sometimes they’re just their adorable selves. Of course, I take plenty of pictures with all of my pups, but it’s nice to know I’m appreciated and considered part of a dog’s life.

I also appreciate professional photos when dog owners share them. My phone camera is great, but I’ve got plenty of room on my fridge for real pictures.

5. Leave Some Snacks

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Dogs love treats, and so do people.

Leaving some snacks, candy, or other treats is a nice way to show your gratitude. Even if your dog sitter ends up having dietary requirements or allergies to certain foods, the gesture is appreciated.

Trust me, it’s not easy or cheap to lug your own food back and forth while you’re traveling to someone else’s house.

6. Make Chores As Easy As Possible

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Most pet sitters are happy to take care of things while you’re away. They’ll get your mail, wash the sheets before you get back, and do the dishes.

But show your appreciation by making it easier. Make it clear where cleaning supplies are located. Leave the mailbox key or laundry card in a place that’s easy to find.

7. Stay In Contact

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Your dog sitter will probably love to send you updates on how your pup is doing while you’re away. You might be out all day having fun in the sun or exploring some village outside the realm of technology, but try to find a moment to respond.

If nothing else, let them know you are receiving the messages and that you appreciate the updates.

If you do these things, you’ll have a dog sitter who will move mountains and reschedule life itself to come and care for your pups.

How do you say thank you to your pet sitter? Let us know in the comments below!

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