Aspen The Mountain Pup Hikes His Way Into The Internet’s Heart

When you think of Aspen, Colorado, you probably think of mountains, ski resorts, and plenty of snow. But you might also think of Aspen the Mountain Pup. Aspen is a gorgeous Golden Retriever who fits right into the beautiful surroundings in the home town that he shares a name with. And he loves the outdoors. Aspen is happy to canoe, sled, and hike all over the place. His owners, Hunter and Sarah Lawrence, take pictures of the dog’s adventures and share them on Instagram with the world, and the internet loves their pup!

Aspen can be found enjoying the wilderness around his home town, and he’s even made it as far north as Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. Though it often takes him a while to travel, as he’s just so darn cute that everybody wants to stop and pet him. In fact, he’s so popular on Instagram now that he has over 140K followers, which is more than five times the population of his town. 

Hunter, Aspen’s owner, is a professional photographer. He never thought he would get into putting his dog on Instagram, but when he looked at some of the pictures he got of Aspen in the beauty of nature, he couldn’t resist sharing them with the world. Now he’s happy to post pictures of Aspen so everyone can see the Mountain Pup in his natural habitat. We can’t wait to see more of his adventures.

Are you going to follow Aspen on Instagram? Does your pup love the great outdoors? Let us know in the comments below!

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