Basset Hound surprise

Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t think of Basset Hounds as particularly aerobics-seeking dogs. And this one, with her tired, red-rimmed eyes, seemed like she’d just as soon settle in for a nap than go for a walk.

But since at the very least, I figured she could use a pit stop, I leashed her up and out we went. The last thing I expected when we reached the park was to see her break into a gallop. Her ears are literally longer than her legs. But this gal can run. What’s more, she’s graceful and coordinated—and she’s fast.

With all the Pitties and the high-energy pups at the shelter now, I wouldn’t have guessed she’d be the one to tear across the desert dirt in the hot sun this afternoon. But I suppose if I’d spent the last few days in a small kennel, I’d move my short little legs too…

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