Former Volunteer Arrested For Putting Sweaters On Cold Shelter Dogs

Two dogs sit in a kennel and sniff a human's hand through the cage.

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Yulia Khinkis was once a volunteer at Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS), a county animal shelter. And even though she’s been banned from the premises, she can’t help but show her love for the animals who stay there. So when she was spotted on shelter property, MDAS had her arrested for trespassing. What was she doing there? She was putting sweaters on cold dogs and cleaning the poop from their cages. 

You may be wondering why Yulia has been banned from MDAS in the first place. Well according to friends, she earned the ban by being a whistleblower for the abuse, neglect, and euthanasia practices of the shelter. MDAS denies the allegations. Despite the ban, Yulia showed up with donated blankets, quilts, and sweaters, and another volunteer helped her take care of the dogs. That’s when staff surrounded them and told them to leave. The police were called, and Yulia was arrested.

A Black Labrador sits in a kennel.

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If the allegations are true, then everyone working at MDAS should be replaced, and new policies should be put into practice. The shelter is funded by tax payers, and I doubt any of those people would approve of the things MDAS has been accused of. But even if the allegations are false, is it really necessary to have someone arrested just for taking care of dogs? Can’t you put differences aside when it comes to actually helping animals? Whether or not MDAS has committed any wrongdoing, they still come out looking bad in this situation.

(Picture: Animal Activist Yilia Khinkis, freshly released from the county jail via MDAS CODE RED)

(Picture: Animal Activist Yilia Khinkis, freshly released from the county jail via MDAS CODE RED)

What do you think? Does Yulia deserved to be banned and arrested for trespassing? Should MDAS be investigated? Let us know in the comments below.

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