Teenage Girl Marries Dog To Remove Evil Curse

How happy was Mangli Munda after marrying a stray dog in a formal ceremony?  To be honest, not that happy. She was forced into the rushed marriage by her parents after being told by a holy man that their daughter had an evil curse. It is believed the dog will take on the curse and rid Mangli Munda.

The parents spared no expense for the big day and had to do it by the book, if they wanted it to work. The groom Sharu was chauffeured to the event by family members. This is one lucky dog that seems to be enjoying all the attention. He probably thought he won the lottery in this small poverty stricken village.

The good news is that the marriage was just for the day and not legally binding. The money was considered well spent because the villagers felt the curse had been lifted and Munda is now free to one day marry her Prince Charming and live a long happy life.

Are you wondering what happened to Sharu? Worry no more, he is now Munda’s family pet.

I was not sure what to think when I first saw this story, but I found it pretty interesting. This is certainly one way to get homeless dogs off the streets.