Silly Internet Debate Causes Dog Pants Sales To Skyrocket

A brown dog stands in a grassy field with yellow waders covering all four legs.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Muddy Mutts)

You probably are familiar with the internet’s latest debate over how a dog should wear pants. Plenty of commenters weighed in on the issue, with some even suggesting creative alternatives to the original two options for the best way for a canine to don legwear. But one Canadian company is cashing in on the recent popularity of dog pants.

The graphic of two dogs wearing different kinds of pants that started the internet debate.

(Picture Credit: Imgur via Reddit)

Muddy Mutts sells waterproof nylon waders for dogs that look a lot like one of the images from the dog pants debate. The creator of these dog pants got the idea from walking dogs in rural Ontario. The pups would get pretty muddy, and waterproof waders kept the dogs from getting dirty.

A brown dog with curly hair stands in the snow wearing nylon waders that cover all four legs.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Muddy Mutts)

Since the internet debate over how a dog should wear pants began, sales of Muddy Mutts dog pants have gone up 2,800 percent. There’s a waiting list and the company is struggling to make enough dog pants to keep up with demand. They go for about $50 in the United States, but plenty of people are seeing value in pants for dogs.

Two West Highland Terriers stand in a grassy field with waders on.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Muddy Mutts)

What do you think? Would you like a pair of pants for your dog? Is this the way you thought dogs would wear pants? Let us know in the comments below.