Astronaut Brings His Dogs For His Official NASA Photo

Leland Melvin has had a pretty interesting life. He was a professional football player for a while with the Detroit Lions, then the Dallas Cowboys. After an injury, he decided to take it easy and become an astronaut. He flew missions on the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and is now the head of NASA education, encouraging students to pursue math and science careers. But even after all of that, Jake and Scout, Melvin’s dogs, aren’t letting him hog the spotlight.

The pups appeared with Melvin on an episode of The Dog Whisperer where Cesar Millan helped the pups learn to be more relaxed when people came to the door and become a little less protective of Melvin. The astronaut’s bond with his dogs is very strong, which is why he decided to include them in his official NASA photo.

In one of the pictures, the dogs sit quietly beside Melvin. But that calm doesn’t last for long, as the pups can’t wait to cover him with doggy kisses. The excited dogs shower Melvin with slober, and their moment of love will go down in history with the photo.

Would you include your dogs in your photo if you went to space? Let us know in the comments below!

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