3 Sister Pups Rescued From Freezing Mountain [VIDEO]

3 female puppies (sisters) were stranded at over 7,ooo feet in the mountains of Wrightwood, California. Local rescuers had been trying to retrieve the sisters in 20 degree weather. After a week of evading capture, Hope For Paws was called and asked to assist.

Volunteers showed up with food and after much coaxing and patience were able to secure one of the dogs. Letting hunger outweigh her fear, Ginger, a Labrador mix accepted some food that was offered and even seemed to enjoy some affection. She struggled for a few minutes when the snare went around her neck, but relented and looks like a happy baby as she is carried up the mountain to safety. Sage kept her distance and Emma had fled altogether.

Ginger was taken to the hospital and Sage was rescued later that day. Two days after that, they had Emma in custody too! Sage and Emma have since been adopted and enjoy living in a house over the cold mountain. 

Ginger is awaiting her happy ending in foster care with SCLRR.org.

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