Update: Derby The Dog’s 3D Printed Legs Get Even More Awesome

Derby the dog stands at his full height with a new pair of 3D printed legs that have more of a figure-8 shape.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – 3D Systems)

A few months ago, we reported on Derby, the dog with deformed front legs who was able to walk and run thanks to a pair of 3D printed legs. His first pair of prosthetics were fairly short, keeping the front of his body low to the ground. The plan was to introduce taller legs gradually so Derby’s back could stay straight while he walked. That proved to be a challenge.

But as the video shows, Derby is walking tall now thanks to a new design for his 3D printed legs. We’re happy to see how far Derby has come and love the look of his new futuristic prosthetics. Derby is finally able to sit like any other dog, and he’s getting around just fine.

Are you happy to see Derby’s progress? Excited about this technology to possibly help other dogs? Let us know in the comments below.