Stray Dogs Take Revenge On Man’s Car After He Kicked Their Friend

Several stray dogs surround a red car in a parking lot and bit at it.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – CCTVNews)

Quentin Tarantino couldn’t have scripted a better revenge plot himself. A man in China kicked a dog in a parking lot because he’s just a generally a bad person. But the poor pup didn’t retaliate right away. Instead, she waited, biding her time and assembling an Avengers-like team of stray dog buddies to rain down sweet justice.

A dog with lightly colored fur bits at the area over the front wheel.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – CCTVNews)

While the man was away, the pack of stray dogs went to work on his car. They bit, chomped, and scratched, causing what must have been a very expensive amount of damage. The coordinated attack left the car looking a bit like a piece of chewed gum in places.

A pack of dogs surround the front of the car and bite at it.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – CCTVNews)

Hopefully the man who kicked the dog learned his lesson. Chinese people on social media applauded the dogs and condemned the man for his cruel actions. Some may wonder if the dogs were actually retaliating or simply acting out of shared anxiety surrounding the vehicle. But anyone who’s had a Shih Tzu poop in his shoes knows that dogs are capable of even the pettiest vengeance. You may remember this video from a while back that shows a similar vengeful hound:

What do you think? Were these dogs acting out of revenge for their friend? Let us know in the comments below.

Wag of the tail to The Dodo for reporting on this.