Dogs React To Adele’s Song “Hello” Just Like We Do [VIDEOS]

If you haven’t heard Adele’s hit song “Hello” by now, do yourself a favor and get a box of tissues while you listen. In typical Adele fashion, the track has us all bawling like babies while we try to mournfully hit the high notes along with the music. And it turns out, dogs do exactly the same thing.

It’s a new trend to post videos of dogs reacting to the song, and it seems that Adele’s music is so good, it transcends species. For the most part, dogs start making sad noises and try to join in, just like us people. 

I have no idea why the song gets such a strong reaction from our canine friends. Maybe they are picking up on our emotions. Maybe they are reminded of the low, nighttime howls of their ancestors. Or maybe Adele’s voice is just that heartbreaking.

In any case, it’s good to know we’re not the only ones being emotionally crushed by the pop star’s pipes. A good cry is always better when it’s shared.

What do you think? Does your dog react this way to music? Let us know in the comments below.