Certified Therapy Dog Escapes And Returns Home 20 Minutes Later Stabbed, Shot And Beaten

A therapy dog is recovering from what seems to be a malicious random attack.

WJHL reported that Katherine Zwitter took her dog for a walk, in her Chattanooga, Tennessee neighborhood.  “Mama Dog” got out of her leash and took off. She surfaced 20 minutes later covered in blood.

The initial thought was that the dog had been hit by a car as her humans rushed to an animal hospital. Zwitter, was horrified when she learned from the vet that her beloved family dog had been shot, stabbed and beaten in the 20 minutes she had gone missing. The certified therapy dog, who helps mentally ill people, was the victim of what seems like a senseless act of extreme violence.

8 year old Mama Dog was a rescue that took a year of socialization to overcome previous abuse. Her family fears that this attack may have left her traumatized all over again.

Zwitter hopes that by speaking publicly about the crime someone with information will come forward, so the perpetrator or perpetrators may be brought to justice.

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