“Angel Dog” Appears When Woman Spreads Her Pup’s Ashes

Wagner the Golden Retriever always loved to run and play at a local athletic field with his owner, Ashley Lang. And even though Wagner passed away at the age of twelve, he might have wanted to play one more time in his favorite spot with his favorite person.

Lang was spreading her pup’s ashes when a friend took a picture, and what appears in the image is amazing. As the ashes float away, the silhouette of a dog can be seen, complete with head, legs, and tail. It also looks like the ghostly dog image is jumping into Lang’s arms.

Some people are calling the image evidence of an “angel dog” or the spirit of Wagner coming to play one last time. Lang believes it was just Wagner’s way of saying his final goodbye.

What do you think? Is it an angel? The spirit of Wagner? Or just a coincidence? Let us know in the comments below.