Viral Image Saves Emaciated Pit Bull Mama Dog And Her Puppies

A photo of what appears to be a mama Pit Bull and her puppies in a severe state of neglect was posted to social media. Neighbors of a Pico Rivera, CA home, attempted to get swift action for the abused dogs. When that failed to happen, Janette Gonzalez posted the image to Facebook. People were outraged. Shortly after the image was posted, the South East Area Animal Control Authority and police promptly arrived to the residence. A total of 9 dogs were seized from the home including 2 German Shepherds and a Chihuahua. 

The owners are currently under investigation and thankfully the dogs are in safe hands. 

(Photo Credit: Facebook)

(Photo Credit: Facebook)

 Wag of the tail to iheartdogs for posting this story. 

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