White Christmas pups

If it seems like this post is a shameless excuse to show photos of adorable puppies, you may be on to something. But it’s Christmas week, and I’m feeling generous.

The setting was an off-site adoption fair; I was eager to help, as an adoption fair was precisely how I’d found my dog Maybe, over a year ago. Yesterday however, it was Heeler mix puppies Vina and Mariam who stole the show. They’re two from a little of four – mirror images, each with a dab of color plunked perfectly over one eye. And yup, their littermates inherited the eye patch too.

Two-month-old Heeler pups

Five cats were also on hand to win hearts and look precious. Before long, both pups and several cats felt comfortable leaving their kennels, and they ventured out to explore the premises. Canines and felines got along beautifully, and I couldn’t help thinking they all deserve to be home for the holidays.

Spotted noses = irresistible

PS. If you live in Santa Fe and are looking for a salon using (exclusively) products which have not been tested on animals, When the Sun Reaches My Sister is the place to go. Owner Christopher Willett is a long time shelter volunteer and hosts the monthly adoption fairs held there.

Snowball and Blaze are still available

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