When Golden Retriever Puppies Attack… With Cuteness

There aren’t many things cuter in this world than a Golden Retriever puppy. These little fluff balls make hearts melt with every look from those sweet, puppy-dog eyes. And when they viciously attack with all the licks and love they have, it can cause a serious cuteness overload. Here are our favorite videos of Golden Retriever puppies attacking with all the adorableness they have in their tiny, fluffy bodies.

Eat Your Veggies

The little guy in this video has to eat his vegetables to grow into a big strong dog, but he’s not too sure about the little orange intruder in front of him. He puts up quite a fight, giving the vegetable a few tosses. If you thought it was hard to get a human baby to eat carrots, this puppy’s veggie attack makes it look easy.

Like Cats And Dogs

These two prove the old rumor that cats and dogs don’t get along isn’t true. The puppy and kitty in this video are new to making friends, but one look at his new kitten companion and the Golden Retriever puppy launches into a kiss attack. He lovingly plants puppy kisses all over his new best buddy. What a sweetheart.

The Puppy In The Mirror

Scout is only 6 weeks old, and she’s not too fond of the copycat puppy behind the glass. As far as she’s concerned, she’s the cutest thing around, and the competition has to go. But try as she might, her doppelganger matches all her moves. This pup will just have to learn to live and let live.

Water Attack

The swarm of puppies in this video are new to swimming, but some of them aren’t afraid to attack the pool head on. They seem like they weren’t ready for the water to be quite so not-solid. By the end, the pups are sounding the retreat. But if they’re anything like every other Golden Retriever, they’ll be back in the water in no time.

Snow Way

These pups are learning the lesson of living in a colder climate. The only way to fight the snow is to plow through with all you’ve got. The puppies coordinate their efforts, following the leader to clear the way through the banks. They’re well on their way back inside to warm up with some cuddles after fighting off the cold.


The puppies in this video have a nice big field to run around in, but they’d rather charge after the human running around with a camera. If they ever caught their prey, they’d probably cover him with sloppy puppy kisses. If there is a heaven, it probably looks a lot like a Golden Retriever puppy attack.

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