8 Dogs Doing Battle With Fruits And Vegetables

This month is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month, and we’re celebrating with some of our favorite pups who take a bite out of the food pyramid. These dogs aren’t afraid to fight all manner of tree and plant spawn in epic battle. Okay, so the battles are more cute than epic. Be sure to do what your mama told you and eat your veggies so you can grow big and strong while watching these videos.

1. Maymo Fights Flying Carrots

Some dog owners do things that make us ask, “Why?” This is one of those times. Maymo intently watches these flying carrots go by, then cleverly devises a plan to climb on the table and snag one as it zooms past. He grabs one and chows down, unfazed by his owner’s shenanigans. Victory tastes sweet.

2. Dachshund Demolishes Watermelon

Baks the Dachshund tears into his watermelong with reckless abandon. He seems more interested in destroying the fruit than getting it all in his mouth. Baks even lets out a battle cry whenever someone tries to take it away. He’s determined to see his enemy laying in a puddle of its own juices. Delicious juices.

3. Kiwi And Lime

Kiwi the Alaskan Klee Kai licks a lime for the first time, but that sour flavor means war. The puppy is ready for fisticuffs, deftly dodging the citrus’s counterattacks before coming back for more. This seems to be the pooch’s first love-hate relationship, as he can’t resist another taste, but can’t handle the tongue-stinging juice.

4. Pug Perplexed

Sydney the pug is not friends with a blueberry that keeps tantalizing her by staying just out of reach. The pup can’t seem to get her tiny mouth around the offending fruit without sending it flying in the opposite direction. But she’s not giving up or giving in. Eventually she snags the blue beast and gulps it down as the spoils of war.

5. Boxer Bites Berry

Lemmy isn’t having any of that strawberry’s guff. She’s ready to dance, tossing the red fruit like a rag doll before delivering the final chomp. She spits it out one last time as if to say, “Had enough?” Then she finishes the deed and gets her delicious treat after a battle well-fought.

6. Tag Team Green Beans

Baby and pooch team up in this video in the never-ending fight against finishing your veggies. Calvin doesn’t like eating his green beans nearly as much as feeding those gross morsels to the family pup. The dog has his human’s back, coming in for the assist and devouring the disgusting foodstuff with delight.

7. Outnumbered, But Not Outmatched

Tiger may be buried in a box of lettuce, but he’s not about to let that stop him. The tireless dachshund chomps the greens left and right, eating his way to freedom. He shows those plants who’s boss and gains the upper hand, escaping to the outside world with a full belly.

8. Banana Battle

Man and dog join forces to destroy the yellow enemy. The human takes the first bite toward victory, then fires a slice of fruit from his mouth to his canine companion. It may as well be target practice for the pooch, who bounces the banana off his nose, then catches it mid-air to gobble it up. Man’s best friend will always be there to pick up the slack.

Does your dog love fruits or veggies? Let us know what food your pup does battle with!

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