8 Corgis Doing The Corgi Dance

Sometimes life is just so exciting, you have to dance. And Corgis are awesome dancers. That’s a fact. They don’t let their short little legs slow them down one bit. They just shake their backsides, bounce on their paws, and spin in circles with Corgi energy. We should all take dancing lessons from Corgis. The world would be a happier place. Here are some of the best Corgi dance videos on the internet!

1. Burning Off The Calories

This pup named Sparky couldn’t be more excited about his food. In fact, he’s got a dance going that’s probably burning off the calories as fast as he can eat them! If we humans got so excited about eating, we’d never have to worry about working out. Now how about a dessert treat?

2. Shake Your Tail Feathers

The infamous Corgi booty dance! Corgis are known for their wiggly rumps, and this pup is a prime example of Corgi twerking prowess. Miley Cyrus has nothing on this pooch, as he waits eagerly for a game of fetch. He sure knows how to back that thing up and shake what his mama gave him!

3. The Hind Leg Hop

Teggie sure can put on a show to get those sweet treats! She’s doing her best ballerina impression, spinning like a Corgi-nado. Her beautiful performance is, of course, rewarded. And she deserves it. Such elegance and grace is normally reserved for the stage.

4. He’s A Maniac On The Floor

This pup’s front paw dance reminds me of the infamous scene from Flashdance. His markings even make it look like he’s wearing leg warmers! He’s staying on his toes for the moment his owner throws the ball, and he’s very excited. In fact, he busts a move every time he’s waiting for the ball. So cute.

5. Dance, Baby!

Tucker doesn’t understand why the tiny human in front of him won’t do a Corgi dance like he does. He seems to be saying, “Come on. Run in circles like me.” He even goes in to give baby a few licks on the face to make sure he’s okay. Maybe in a few years, he’ll have a dance partner.

6. The Spin Move

This Corgi looks like he’s trying to do the windmill. It seems like he just can’t keep his paws on the floor as he spins and kicks like a breakdancer. But sometimes a treat in your mouth makes you so happy, you gotta let loose. Even his doggy pal is like, “Woah, sweet moves!”

7. The First Bone Boogie

Agnes has never had a bone before, but this Corgi puppy can boogie with the best. She loves her new treat and sees it as a new dance partner. She’s got the rump wiggle, the front paw bounce, and the hind leg hop all in her repertoire already. This puppy is a dance prodigy!

8. Tap-a Tap-a Tap-a

Lola’s got her tap dancing paws on while she waits for her owner to toss her toy. Those jazz fingers above her Kong have her pumped for a little fetch. All that anticipation has to go somewhere, and it’s coming right out of her feet. When her toy finally flies, she’s ready to bolt.

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