Elderly Cocker Spaniel seeking… answers

She’s fifteen years old, slightly overweight, and wears a black harness. Though she’s come in as a stray, clearly this dog had an owner. Her tail is docked. She’s spayed. No question she lived as someone’s family pet for a long time.

So was it the tumor protruding from the right side of her muzzle that landed her here? Was she simply deposited out on the street when it became evident she’d need medical attention?

She deserved better.

This dog is not lost. She’s elderly and can’t run far or fast. She’s been at the shelter for days. If someone was looking for her, they would’ve easily found her by now.

Instead, she’ll live her last days in a noisy kennel, wondering where her family is. I wonder too–wonder if they’re haunted by their actions. And her image.

UPDATE: Thanks again to everyone who expressed concern for this dog. While he’s been made as comfortable as possible during his time here at the shelter, his age, his medical conditions and his behavior issues all contribute to the staff strongly recommending that they end his suffering, and I fully support that decision. His passing will take place among people who have treated and cared for him over the past weeks, and with the utmost tenderness and compassion.

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