Stray Dog Carries Injured Friend In His Mouth, Both Are Rescued


(Photo Credit: Officer Christina Sutherin)

This inspiring story that really brings to light just how remarkable our dogs are. In Savannah, Georgia, animal control was called when two homeless dogs were spotted wandering the streets. When the strays were located, Officer Christina Sutherin was surprised and moved by what she saw.

A gentle, loving Pit Bull, carrying a small injured Chihuahua, in her mouth by the scruff. She was carrying him because he had an eye infection and was in pain. She also, nursed his wound, licking it when she could.

The pair was named Joanie and Chachie. Chachie needed surgery for his eye, which ultimately had to be removed. The canine besties were separated temporarily, but reunited shortly after recovery. When reunited they could not stop nuzzling, and cuddling and licking each other.


(Photo Credit: Officer Christina Sutherin)

The dogs went up for adoption and people were hoping the two would stay together. The story made the social media rounds and of course found a great home in Florida where Chachie is getting continued medical care for his eye and Joanie gets to run in a big grassy yard and swim in a pool.

Animal control officer Christina Sutherin even took it upon herself to drive the dogs to their new homes personally.

Faith in humanity, restored.

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