10 Year Old Boy In The Philippines Starts His Own Animal Shelter

The story of Ken, a young boy in the Philippines who was always helping local stray dogs and cats, and aspired to open a shelter one day, was reported by the Huffington Post.


(Photo Credit: HappyAnimalsClub.org)

A photo of Ken feeding three sick puppies had surfaced on the internet and people started sending him money to help the animals. With the funds he was able to get the puppies off the streets, feed them and get them medical care. The puppies are living and thriving with the help of Ken, and donations from around the world. He had no idea how soon his dream of starting an animal shelter, would become a reality. By age ten, he became founder of The Happy Animals Club. He now hosts a non-profit, no-kill shelter, from his converted garage.


(Photo Credit: Rosie via HappyAnimalsClub.org)

Rosie arrived at the rescue, in bad shape. She had been abandoned. Left on the streets to fend for herself. She was sick, hungry and had a bad leg, from birth. After spending time in the care of Ken, through his rescue, she has been transformed and put up for adoption. She still has leg issues, but that it does not slow her down one bit. He writes on his website “She is always full of energy and love, and deserves a really good home with a loving family.”


(Photo Credit: HappyAnimalsClub.org)

A sickly mom and daughter dog team were spotted by shelter workers, scavenging for food and lured with sardines. The mother got away and the pup was taken to the Happy Animals Club. When Ken found out that the mother evaded capture, he demanded she be found. He wanted the puppy reunited with her mama. It took much time and effort, but she was finally tracked down. She was very untrusting of humans and Ken says that to date she is the only dog to bite a person. She has gotten much better around people, but he feels she will most likely be a permanent fixture at the shelter.

The stories continue at the Happy Animals Club. Sick and starving doggies and kitties come in, and have their lives forever changed. You can keep up with Ken and his rescue through his website happyanimalsclub.org. He continually posts photos of the animals and their stories. They have already helped over forty, lost and sick hungry animals.

He is an inspirations to animal lovers all over the world.