Jimmy Kimmel Finds Out If Dogs Obey Donald Trump


(Photo Credit: Jimmy Kimmel)

Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump caused a stir this past week when he had a reporter forcibly removed from a press conference after repeatedly telling him to sit down and wait to be called on.

In honor of National Dog Day, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to find the answer to an important question: would dogs be better at obeying commands from Donald Trump? In order to put Trump’s authority over canines to the test, Kimmel showed a clip of the would-be POTUS’s confrontation with the Univision reporter to a group of attentive pooches.

As the video of Trump demanding that the reporter, “Sit down,” played for the pups, some of them, amazingly, followed his command and had a seat, though one dog held his ground and stayed on his paws. We’re not exactly sure what this proves about Trump’s viability as a Presidential candidate, but those certainly are some obedient pooches. Though the dog who kept standing is a bit of a maverick. Maybe he should run for President.

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