Possibly the sweetest face ever

I know, I’m taking the easy way out.

The image of the skinny little one-eyed dog doesn’t just tug at the heartstrings–it yanks them altogether from their moorings. Not sure if this particular pup had been used for fighting or had just gotten himself into a scrap. Either way, he was in rough shape when he arrived at the shelter; a gash on his right hind leg and a lame front left leg are the two other major external injuries.

His spirit, however, has emerged fully intact and a knowing light shines from his remaining eye. We play tug, and then rest, and then tug a little more. I want to take him home with me in the worst way.

The photo’s blurry (not easy to hold a camera still with a spray of kisses coming at you), but felt it should be posted. It so beautifully illustrates what many refuse to see:

The vast majority of Pit Bulls are loving, affectionate animals. And deserve to be treated as such.

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