Fur Laughs: Watch 7 Funny Dogs Making Babies Laugh [VIDEOS]

An adorable 8 month old baby girl is bundled up in a sweater and wearing a winter earflap hat looking lovinlgy at her pet German Shepherd dog as they sit and laugh ouside on a cold fall day.

(Picture Credit: ChristinLola/Getty Images)

When it comes to making babies laugh, don’t bother with the latest sitcom or your favorite stand-up comedy routine because your dog is bound to be your baby’s favorite comedian!

It doesn’t take much for funny dogs to make babies laugh. And when adorable babies and pups combine, it might just be cuteness overload.

Here are some of our favorite funny dogs from YouTube doing what they do best — cracking babies up!

1. Bubble, Bubble

When Molly’s mama started blowing bubbles for her, she wasn’t that impressed. But when Bennie, a German Shepherd and Beagle mix, saw those soap suds about to attack his tiny human, he jumped in to gobble them up.

Molly can’t get enough of her silly pup popping bubbles for her. Her giggles could melt even the iciest of hearts.

2. Going In Circles

This baby is loving his hilarious hound. Pumpkin, a Shetland Sheepdog, looks like she’s expecting her baby human to get up and chase her, but she’s happy to dart around him and come in close for some licks to the face.

She seems to be having a good time sneaking around his back and playing her version of hide-and-seek. What a sweet Sheltie!

3. The Popcorn Pooch

Babies have a sense of humor that’s almost impossible for our feeble adult minds to grasp. Such is the case with this little one. The family dog, Jager, isn’t trying to make anybody laugh; he’s just trying to eat some yummy popcorn.

But for some reason, his baby human thinks his eating habits are the most hilarious thing in the world. The pup gets a treat, and the baby gets to laugh, so everyone wins!

4. Bath Time Fun

It’s baby bath time in this tub, but the toys are too tempting to resist for the Dachshund in this video. The Wiener dog really wants to have one of the toddler’s toys to play with, and his attempts to snatch one make baby laugh and laugh.

The pup’s stubby legs don’t let him reach too far over the side of the tub, but we’re hoping he got a chance to play once his tiny human made it to dry land.

5. Dog Tells A Joke

Dozer the Siberian Husky is a talker, and she’s not kidding around. When her humans tell her to speak, she lets out a low howl like a good dog, but her baby human starts to giggle.

Dozer gives the baby a sniff, wondering what she said that was so funny. She can’t seem to wrap her head around the toddler’s laughter, so she walks off with a grumble, leaving the baby in a giggling fit.

6. Tickle Fight

Brodie the Rottweiler loves licking baby Dylan’s little hands, and it’s got the little human in stitches. We’re sure the pup’s tongue is great at tickling.

Brodie pushes his head under Dylan’s arms, begging for a pet, but baby doesn’t have enough motor skills to give a scratch behind the ear yet. Still, Brodie loves his toddler and seems content to cause giggle fits all day.

7. Spaghetti Monster

The baby in this video doesn’t care for spaghetti, but he sure does love feeding it to the family pup.

The dog knows exactly who to stand by for dropped food, but he’s very gentle when taking some noodles from his toddler’s paws. Baby cracks up as the loyal pooch gobbles up whatever he doesn’t want to clear off his own plate.

They make a great team!

Is your pup a great comedian? Do they make babies giggle? Do they make you laugh out loud? Let us know in the comments below!